Friday, January 30, 2009

My first mittens!

Tonight, I started a project for myself!  I'm so excited- these will be the first pair of mittens I've ever made.  I'm making the Canadian Mittens pattern from Knit Simple using some gray and pink yarn from my stash.  So pretty!

I also started a new orange and black scarf for one of my cousins.  The first try wasn't going so well.  This seems to be better.  I'm using Lion Brand Jiffy in Black and Yarn Bee Glitzy Girl in an orange color.  The scarf is just a garter stitch with the two yarns held together on US17 needles.  So far, so good! I think its really cute and fuzzy.  I hope she likes it!  

I should be able to finish the scarf this weekend, and add eyes to the fish hat so all those warm things can be sent to my cousins before spring.

Boo. Blogger is being dumb and not uploading pictures.  I will add some tomorrow morning.  

In other news- the police came for my neighbors again! I don't know who keeps calling them, but it sure does give me an evening's worth of entertainment when they do :)

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