Sunday, January 11, 2009

And so it begins...

The second kind of scarf I knitted, a K2 P2 ribbed scarf, AKA the 2nd project from SNB.  This is also the first time I shopped at a LYS and used “nice” yarn.  This is Saphira 100% Superwash Merino wool. Its kind of hard to tell here, but it has gorgeous tans, pinks, and purples.  

When it was all knit up, a really neat purple diamond pattern appeared!  The downside to this scarf was that it took freaking forever to knit (compared to the garter scarf on US17s with super chunky yarn).

This cream and green washcloth below is actually the second one that I have made like this.  The first I made at my parents home over Christmas, and my mom loved it so much she kept it!  I have found that I really like making dishcloths...they are fast but you can do neat patterns and colors pretty easily. I also like knitting with the cotton yarn AND its super cheap!  This pattern is “Citrus Salad” from Susan Robicheau’s Bright and Cheery Knit Dishcloths (Lily Sugar and Creme in cream and hot green)I have also made “Strawberry Shortcake”, but it is currently in use and so no picture is available -unless you want to see my dirty kitchen sink :)  


The pink project below is also from this book, and is called “Fresh Persimmon” (Lily Sugar and Creme hot pink).  I forsee a lot of dishcloths as presents for friends in the near future...  


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