Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cables and Lace

So, apparently knitting is a kind of expensive and addictive hobby.  I spent a good portion of my day looking at interchangeable knitting needle kits online.  It seems to me that these would be more economical than buying new circular needles anytime I needed another size.  I’m kind of in love with the Knit Picks harmony needles.  They are GORGEOUS, and I also like knitting on wood.  I have a couple metal needles, which I like when I’m making cotton dishclothes, and a bunch of plastic, which are fine.  My one pair of circular needles (that I got to make Sophie’s hat) are bamboo though, and I LOVED them.  They were very light, and my yarn stayed put.  So, I think I may get the Knit Picks set, but it will have to wait for pay day.  I am very open to any suggestions on this part, however.  Does anyone have a favorite kind of these needles?  I’ve read good things about the Denise’s, and not very good things about the Needlemasters (?).  

In light of this decision to make a major knitting-related purchase, you may think that I, as a poor student, would stay at home and save her money.  You would be wrong.  I went to Barnes and Nobles tonight and bought the SNB: SNB Nation and SNB: The Happy Hooker books tonight.  The first one has been so amazing at teaching me how to knit and read patterns, and as a reference guide, that I figured these books will also be great.   I’m very excited to start some of these projects!

I also got some yarn to go with the patterns I have been collecting online this week.  The below picture is the first 22 rows of “Simple Cable Scarf” from  I am using Lion Brand Jiffy Bulky yarn in Grape.  This seemed like a good project to learn how to cable with!  I’m very excited!

Tonight I also started the “Heart” scarf by Stephanie Roy from the special print issue (Fall 2004, I think).  I am using Lion Brand Jiffy Bulky in Dusty Pink for this.  (You may be seeing a pattern.  This yarn was on sale when I was at Hobby Lobby recently).  Its not quite the perfect yarn for this pattern, but I think it is going to turn out okay.  It is very exciting because it is lace work!  After the 2nd repeat of the pattern, I realized that this scarf is PERFECT for my friend Laura.  So....Happy Valentines Day, Laura!  I hope to have it done by then.  Sadly, the picture isn't uploading right, so maybe tomorrow you can see an updated version.

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