Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

All knitting since the end of March has been suspended in order to knit my grandmother a birthday shawl.  My grandma is a very crafty lady, and has crocheted, knitted, and sewed her whole life.  Even now that her eyesight betraying her, she still can crochet by feel, and makes beautiful lace doilies and christmas ornaments!  

For her birthday, I decided to knit her Ishbel from Ysolda Teague.  I did a mish-mash of the large and small sizes, using the large center stockinette and the small lace pattern.  This made a shawl that is appr. 4 feet wide and 21 inches long down the middle of the back.  I used Cascade Heritage sock yarn, which is a beautiful superwash, so it does not have to be hand washed.  

I hope she loves it! It was a fast and easy scarf pattern, and with the center stockinette I think she will be able to use it to cover her head outside in the winter, and wrap it around her shoulders to keep off a chill.

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  1. gorgeous! She'll love it, Beks!