Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweater and Mittens pictures!

First, the swatches for my sweater!  The pattern called for US10s, but I ended up getting gauge on US11s.  I didn't really like how big that knitting was though, so I am knitting a size larger but on US10.5's and trying it on a lot as I go.  

Whoot whoot!  It's big enough to be an armpit/shoulder warmer!

On to the mittens... I am using a lovely Cascade 109, which has sadly been discontinued.  I love this yarn :(  I am either going to have to find a good replacement, or buy it all up before it disappears!  Knitting this bulky wool on US8s makes really dense mittens.  I'm very excited...

These have a nice, long cuff!  I am almost done with the left mitten, and hope to have the right mitten done before my big V-Day Date!

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  1. Those are the world's longest mitten cuffs. You will have very warm forearms.