Monday, May 4, 2009

Beaded Headband

In other non-Harry Potter knitting, I made a beaded Molly's Headband for a friend.  I used leftover yarn from Grandma's Ishbel Shawl and beads from Michaels.  Wherever there was a yarn over in the original pattern, I used a crochet hook to add a bead on the "wrong side".  This was super easy and fun to knit!  


Harry Potter Knitting!

On Ravelry, I belong to a group called the "Harry Potter Knit and Crochet Cup."  You sign up, get sorted into houses, and every month take classes.  At the end of each "term" the house with the most points wins!  Those of you who have read the books will understand.  Those of you who have not will think I am crazy This term a lot of the classes have to do with getting ready for the new movie to come out this summer. 

I got sorted into Slytherin, which I am happy about because I LOVE the color green.  So far I have completed homework for 3 classes:  

1.  Charms.  
Assignment: When you are out and about in the muggle world, perhaps attending one of these ‘films’ or ‘movies’ as they are known to non-magical folk, you must dress as muggles to avoid detection. However, it would be nice, as I’m sure you agree, to have some way to show your wizarding status off to fellow witches and wizards who know the signs to look for. So, this month’s class is designed to produce those little signs. Make something with a symbol of the wizarding world (any of the house symbols, a symbol for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Gladrags, the Ministry? Be creative and see what you can come up with) or in your house colours. House unity items are also accepted. Do you best, and by the movie opening I’m sure we’ll all have some ‘wizard’ stuff to take with us.

I made a Dream Swatch Headband in JoJoland melody.  I thought this qualified, as the yarn "magically" turns from purple to green.  On the green end, I embroidered a small silver "S" to identify my house to other wizards in the muggle world.

2. Defense Against the Dark Arts
Assignment: Make something protective. Something that protects you from the cold. Or from hard surfaces and pointy corners. Or from having your hair fall in your face again, forcing you to push it back and touch your face one million times a day, so your face gets all greasy and then you get zits, and they’re in weird and painful places like your earlobe, and then you have to KILL YOURSELF. (Professor Scarlettb is going through A Difficult Bangs Situation) Extra points for House colors/premiere wear, interesting and creative backstories, and, as always: making the professor laugh.

As I am also having a Difficult Bangs Situation as of late, I made ANOTHER headband.  This time, it is snakey looking in snakey greens and white (GO SLYTHERIN!).  This protection is not for myself however, but instead for the people I work with.  Bangs in eyes while doing science (or Potions in this case) makes me very crabby!  The pattern is Easy Crochet Headband and I used Lily Sugar n' Cream cotton.

3. Ancient Runes
Assignment: While a useful subject in itself, we derive the most value from the runes by translating ancient wizarding texts. This month, we will be using the perennial wizarding favorite, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, as our practicum.

To demonstrate proficiency in Ancient Runes, please make one of the following:Something inspired by a muggle or wizard fairy tale  Three little amigurumi pigs, an object with the three hallows symbol on it, etc.

Something with a monogram on it (1-3 letters), in either ancient or modern runes  Monogrammed scarf, Weasley sweater, inscription where the monogram is largest and the focus, etc.

I made a monogram dishcloth, again in slytherin green and white.  I am also working on a Spidery Tank, inspired by the Anansi stories from around the world.  I'm not sure if that will be finished this month or not though, so I turned in my dishcloth just in case!